Adult Warriors

The Adult Warrior Program is designed to help give you the confidence and security to be the person you always wanted to be. Learning to set your own goals and very importantly learning to stay focused to achieve them, you will ‘unleash your potential!’

The adults are taught Modern and Traditional Ninjutsu where you will learn realistic self-defense techniques that help you deal with stress and crisis situations (armed and unarmed).

The training will not just keep you physically fit and healthy, but mentally as well with our meditation sessions. You will also develop leadership skills through adventure-based martial arts training.

Adult Warrior Seminar Workshops

Weekly optional classes offered to adults a range of special training opportunities.

  • Explore the role of mind, attitude, emotion, and awareness in daily encounters through our mind science classes
  • Take on the challenge of classical training in traditional historical armed and unarmed training from our historical lineages from Japan
  • Learn how to share your knowledge through courses in how to coach others to martial arts success
  • Study the techniques of dignitary protection bodyguard roles
  • Study traditional and modern weapons