Cairns To-Shin Do Ninjutsu

To-Shin Do martial arts training leads to the ability to live life fully, fearlessly, and freely. This is a thorough system of personal preparation for handling the kinds of conflict that can surprise us in the course of daily life. To-Shin ninjutsu techniques are based on ancient well-tested systems of protector discipline handed down by nine historical Japanese warrior families. At the same time, our training offers a modern approach to handling the kind of threats and confrontations most likely in our contemporary culture.

To-Shin Do ninjutsu is a reality-inspired system of mixed martial technologies that includes training in techniques and strategies for dealing with and protecting against:

  • Grappling, throwing, choking, and joint-locking
  • Striking, kicking, and punching
  • Stick, blade, cord, and projectile weapons
  • Successfully handling multiple assailants and surprise attacks
  • Overcoming psychological intimidation or bullying

Beyond the basic training that leads to Black Belt in To-Shin Do is a collection of optional advanced courses including:

  • Methods for survival in hostile environments
  • Security protection for dignitaries
  • How to instruct classes and run a school
  • Classical Japanese weapons
  • Meditation mind science yoga
Cairns To-Shin Do Ninjutsu self-defence techniques in practice