Cairns Ninjutsu Dojo

Ninjutsu Dojo Etiquette

Respect is an important lessons in ninjutsu. It forms a fundamental and integral part of all our training at the Cairns Quest Centre dojo. This will impact everyone in different ways, from building self-respect to respecting the knowledge of our teachings, your instructors, trainers and extending honour and courtesy towards your fellow members and friends.

Below are the simple rules for all those sharing this life enriching training in our dojo.

  • Always bow before entering and leaving the dojo as well as before going on to and leaving the mat.
  • Tabi’s and/or socks must be worn on the mat, no food/chewing gum or drinks are permitted on the mat.
  • Full uniform must always been worn. This includes: Club shirts, Black pants, Tabi’s and/ socks.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the dojo.
  • No jewellery is to be worn on the mat and long hair is to be tied back.
  • Always arrive 5 minutes prior to your class.
  • Loud conversations and noises are not encouraged in the dojo as this distracts learning students.
  • Using your training techniques to intimidate or hurt others either during class or outside of the dojo is not allowed.
  • Conduct yourself in a responsible and courteous manner both inside and outside the dojo.
  • Coaches and Trainers are to be addressed as ‘Sempai’ (following their name).
  • Instructors are to be addressed as ‘Sensei’. Addressing your coaches, trainers and instructors in such a manner implies respect.
  • When training, stay alert. Stand in natural position or sit with your legs crossed when your coaches, trainers and instructors are giving instructions. Do not distract yourself or others with unnecessary talking and pay attention to the techniques you are learning.
  • Always keep safety in mind. When training alongside another student keep in mind that the techniques will hurt if too much pressure is applied. After practising with your partner, thank them for their help.
  • Your attendance card is part of your monthly training record. It is your responsibility to have it ready at the beginning of each class to hand in to your instructor.
  • A minimum of two classes per week is compulsory. This is to ensure that you can progress through the belts at an appropriate pace. It is required that you discuss your absence with Sensei if you know that you will not be present.
  • In the month that you intend to grade, you will need to participate in a minimum of two classes per week to be eligible for a red stripe in the lead up to grading night.
  • As a member of the Cairns Quest Centre it is assumed that you are training to receive a black belt in To Shin Do (Modern Ninjutsu). Earning a black belt takes approximately 4 years depending on your commitment each week and how you progress. All students need to be aware that there may be a time where they may find it difficult to persist in achieving this goal. Family and friends both within and outside of the dojo are asked to encourage him/ her until they have earned their black belt goal.
  • In order to grade, your monthly fees need to be up to date and the $30 grading fee must to be paid. The student handbook and test questions also need to be completed and handed in. Full uniform must be worn.