3 Ninjas Parent’s Night

Parents night out!

Join us at the Cairns Quest Centre 3 Ninjas night.

This is a great opportunity for mum and dad to get out on the town and have your kids looked after for the evening at a great price.

Your kids will be trained in the art of using ninja weapons  while eating plenty of pizza and watching a ninja movie.

Ninja Game: Ninja Sack Race
Children will be separated into two teams. One member from each team at a time will be required to race each other while hopping in a mesh sack to collect as many Ninja Stars as possible within 30 seconds. Once each member has had their turn, the points will be added to determine which team accumulated the most amounts of stars.

Weapons Training:  Ninja Blow Darts
A part of the history of many ancient civilizations due to the accuracy and power this primitive weapon possesses. Learning how to shoot a blow dart requires more than just sticking a dart in the end and blowing through it. The children will be taught the correct loading and holding as well as distinctive aiming and breathing techniques that follow to mastering your perfect shot.

Where: The dojo
When: 24/03/2018
Time: 5:30pm till 9:30pm
Ages: 4-14 yrs old
Cost: $25 per child
$20 additional siblings
Includes: Pizza and drinks, training, games and movie screening.

Open to the public, all are welcome.

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